Friday, September 05, 2008

Show and Tell Friday!

It's Show & Tell Friday! Be sure to stop over at Kelli's and checkout the other Show & Tellers!
This week I want to share my "HOME" houses. They are more than just blocks of wood painted to look like primitive little houses. They capture a warm feeling of remembrance of my Mom's Mom (my Ba Ba). She was the only grandparent that I knew. My Noni on my Dad's side died when I was an infant and both my Grandfathers were gone before I arrived into this world. My Ba Ba was the typical old Polish grandmother. I always remember her in house dresses with an apron around her waist. She made the best homemade rolls and pierogies from scratch. I loved my week with her in the Summers. My Ba Ba was a homebody. There wasn't any place she would rather be. Her home was her haven. She was a nester and kept it clean and pretty for her family. Her and my Mom are a lot alike. My Mom likes to make a pretty home for her family too. I must have gotten my love of my home from both of them. I could stay at home and be a nester too....only if the pay was better....or there was any pay at all!
Anyway, my Ba Ba didn't go out of the house much. She would occasionally go visiting or shopping but when she arrived back to her house she would say with a contented breath of relief "Home!" She was glad to be back where she was most comfortable and content. So as you see, my "home" houses are so much more than decorative pieces, they remind me of my Ba Ba and all the special times I spent with her.
Have Fun!
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Hootin' Anni said...

I really like this...I love the different houses spelling HOME like that.

My show n tell is all about Fall. Starting with the fireplace! Stop by if you can find time. Hot mulled Apple Cider is being served!

Carla said...

What neat little houses! What a nice memory! Thank you for sharing!

A Hint of Home said...

Sweet story and cute houses.

ceekay said...

Lovely story and the houses are very cute. Great memories!

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Cindi, what wonderful memories you have of your Ba Ba. It was a touching story I enjoyed reading it. Home is truly where your heart is.
Love, Ann

Penless Thoughts said...

So sweet & such precious memories.

diadsie said...

So sweet! I'm definitely a homebody, though I need to see something different once in a while, I'm glad to come home in the end.

Sandra said...

Those are very cute and even better because of the memory they hold for you :)

My Show and Tell

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

What wonderful memories your sweet little houses make, your story was beautiful.

Have a Fantastic Friday!
Kathi :)

Tammy said...

This is so sweet...I love how these little houses spelling home remind you of your beloved grandmother every time you see them!


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