Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Day in Pittsburgh with Friends!

On Friday I got the rare opportunity to do something non-family with a few of my friends. I hung out with them in Pittsburgh on the South Side. It was a hot, humid day but we had so much fun. Our friend, Emily, is home on vacation from her wonderful life in New York City. She flew in on Friday morning and had breakfast with her Dad and then he dropped her off to meet us. Besides me the other part of the us were Leo and Sean. Two friends I've known forever. I met Sean about 15 years ago when we worked together and have remained friends with ever since. Leo is one of my best friends that I met about 10 years ago when we began to work together. Emily is also a friend Leo and I met at work. She now resides in New York City. It suits her. She looks great and is so happy.
Here are a few pics from our day:

This is a view of Pittsburgh from across the river from the South Side. We parked our car here and walked the South Side Trail along the Monongahela River to the SouthSide Works. It was a beautiful day and although the trail was long, it was a nice walk. Lots of time to catch up.

Here Emily and I are with Leo in the Town Square of the SouthSide Works...
...and here we are with Sean.
After doing a little shopping and lunch at an authentic Mexican restaurant on Carson Street, we decided to walk back along Carson Street to take in the sights.
These next two pictures are of a couple of the buildings that had their sides painted. They are beautiful and very colorful.

This is looking down Carson Street.
Here Leo and I are at the end of our journey. A little tired and a little hot after our 20 block walk back to the car. At least we got to walk off some of that Mexican lunch!
Have Fun!
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Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys had a great day!! It's great to see you smiling and relaxing!!!



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