Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Christmas Gift EVERY Husband Needs!

After I dropped Allison off at school yesterday, I did a little Christmas shopping.
And before you go judging me, I'll admit it right here, right now....YES, my child is privileged.
She gets door to door service every day to school in her black limo.
Okay it's really a black mini van but if you flatten it out, I bet there is enough there for a stretch limo.
Well maybe a short stretch limo.
Anyway, not like I have to justify myself to anyone BUT I take her to school everyday because it fits into my schedule. You see as soon as she is at school, I continue on my way to work. I know. I know. I only work three days a week. I bet you are asking why I do it the other two.
Well, I'm a busy woman as you know.
On Wednesdays, I have a standing date with the items at Goodwill right after I drop her off.
Stop laughing! I'm serious!
If I'm not there, I get a phone call wondering where I am.
Okay, now I'm fibbing through my pearly whites but you know what I mean. We all have our own addictions and the Goodwill store is one of mine.
Hey, it could be worse. I could be at the corner bar enjoying a breakfast margarita!
Okay now! I have to move along. My taste buds are starting to salivate with the thought of a Margarita! He he he. If you really knew me you be laughing at the thought of that. Although I love margaritas, I'm lucky if I get one a year!
Yesterday while I was shopping, I found myself behind a car in the Target parking lot with this bumper sticker on it! And before you ask, NO, I didn't jump out of my van, I mean limo and take a picture of their car. Geez! I do know how to practice some restraint! I found this pic on the Internet.
So. Of course I laughed. Who wouldn't?
Do you think it was the husband's choice to put this on his own vehicle?
I know it would be the last thing that Curtis would put on his car. Not because he didn't love me but having this little sticker on the car would leave him wide open for teasing from any and all of his male friends and co-workers.
It would not be pretty.
Since I was behind this vehicle in front of the Target, it stopped and the husband left his wife out so she didn't have to walk from the parking lot.
The wife appeared to be in her 80's and then my thought turned from laughter to "Oh, how sweet!"
I then realized that he probably did put the bumper sticker on his own car.
I can only hope that Curtis would be proud to display one of these on his car when he feels he can stand the ribbing from the male species.
I won't hold my breath!

If you are interested in giving one of these bumper stickers to your man for Christmas, I did a Google search for you. Just click here and pick the online store of your preference.

P.S. I'm really excited because Jill over at Controlling my Chaos gave me two blog awards. She's one of my favorites so I consider this quite and honor. Hopefully, I'll be able to stop by later today to show them to you and pass them on. If not, I will definitely do it this weekend.

Have Fun!

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Benita said...

What a sweet bumper sticker! I may have to get one for my dh's car ;)

sandy said...

Thought I wouldn't notice your pic looks great you look sooooo good. Thanks for the great evening! Just imagine the bumper sticker on Chuck's truck ha ha!!


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