Sunday, November 02, 2008

So Much To Do!

Besides posting a blog entry yesterday and running to the bank to make a deposit, I did NOTHING yesterday! In my defense though, I had a sinus infection/headache thing going on. So I pretty much relaxed on the couch and only got up to take more drugs and give in to the chocolate urge to raid Allison's candy bowl from Halloween. Oh! I did make her dinner too. I'm not that bad of a Mom that I would let my kid starve because I was sick. She was an angel yesterday and ate quite well too. God Bless that child! Speaking of that child. This is a picture of her with her Halloween smiley cookie from Eat'n Park. If you are not from this area, it's a local restaurant that gives smiley cookies out to all the kids at the end of their meal. If you are wondering why I took a picture of her with her cookie. She MADE me do it! I swear! She posed with a cookie! Either I take too many pictures of her that she thinks taking pictures of everything is normal or my kid is just strange. I'm kind of leaning towards strange!

Anyway. Although I'm still a little stuffy, my headache is gone and it's a new day. A work day to be exact. I have a huge list and I am posting it to help me stay motivated. Here's what I need to accomplish today.

1. Turn all clocks in this house back 1 hour.
2. Set up November in my budget binder.
3. Balance checkbook and write out any bills that are coming due.
4. Put November's calendar on the wipe-off one on the fridge.
5. Make masters of budget worksheets for a friend so I can drop them off on Wednesday when I am over by her house.
6. Print a couple of pictures and get them in the mail.
7. Write out a thank you card and get it in the mail.
8. Order a supply online for our "Mom's Night Out" craft night.
9. Stop by Lowe's and pick up a supply for our craft night.
10. Organize my list of what I still need to get for the kits for craft night.
11. Stop by Target and pick up a Christmas gift that's in the ad this week.
12. Clean the kitchen including detailing the refrigerator and stove.
13. Clean and rearrange the entrance way.
14. Clean the bathroom.
15. Work on my new repurposed hall closet.
16. Do Laundry. (Will this ever NOT be on my to do list?)
17. Pack two bins of clothes that don't fit Allison anymore to take to the resell shop.
18. Clean out van.
19. Go through Allison's school papers from last week and sign off on them.
20. Watch Desperate Housewives.
21. Watch the season finale of Army Wives!

And if I have time....
1. Post a recipe on my cooking blog.
2. Explore a website that I signed up on.
3. Plan this week's menu.

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Sandy said...

CINDI!!!!!!I just read your blog and Iam exhausted from just reading your list let alone trying to do it. Hope you are feeling better.


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