Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Curtis has an Enemy!

Yes. That's right.

My sweet, lovable, easy-going honey has an enemy.

I know! It's crazy!

For those of you that know him in person probably find this hard to believe.

It's true.

I wouldn't lie!

Whenever he comes near this enemy, his stress level goes up and his palms get sweaty.

I'm sure his heart starts racing too!

It's actually quite frightening!

Do you want to see his enemy?

Here's the enemy!

Okay. Stop laughing!

I'm serious!

He hated my electric can opener so I got this Pampered Chef one.

I think he hates this one even more!

He can't open a can with it.

He resorts to a screwdriver and raw power.

I'm speaking of his biceps.

Good thing my man has some guns!

Have Fun!

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Jill Scott said...

I've HEARD about these Pampered Chef can openers. Apparently you have to be a Rocket Scientist to use it, so Curtis's gun ain't gonna help him here.

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I think that's hilarious! I could never get my Pampered Chef can opener to work either! I went back to my $5 one from WalMart. ROFLOL

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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