Sunday, August 24, 2008


UGH!!! Why is it so hard to find narrow shoes for my daughter?
Because shoe manufacturers are not making them anymore.
That is the answer that I received from a specialty shoe store that I took Allison to yesterday. He said that they used to make Narrow, Medium and Wide. Now they are making Medium, Wide and Extra Wide. He said he can't even keep the EXTRA wide in stock. It sells out first. He said that he sees narrow feet like Allison's once maybe twice a year.
This is frustrating! VERY frustrating!
This is what we ended up with but they don't fit her feet the way they should!
The length is fine but they are loose on her feet.
He said in a couple of weeks once they are broken in, I'll need to get inserts to lift her foot up to the top of them.
She's not that happy with them. I don't blame her. They aren't very pretty but she understands they were our only choice. We have no other options...other than to let her wear her athletic shoes every day. They are not narrows but at least they tie and keep her feet in them. I hope.
I spent over an hour yesterday online looking for narrow shoes for her. Every website I tried to order shoes from said the narrows were not available. Then why even list them on the site?!?!?
If anyone out there in blogland can help me, I will love you till the day I die!
I'm looking for size 12 1/2 brown or black youth shoes in NARROW!
If you know of a website or a store that sells them, please drop me a line.
Have Fun!
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