Friday, August 29, 2008

Show and Tell Friday!

I'm trying something new this Friday. I've decided to join Kelli over at her "There's no place like home." blog for Show and Tell Friday. It is exactly what it sounds like. You show something you have and then you tell about the item. If you are a regular reader, you know I'm sentimental and I love things that have been passed on or things with a story. When my Aunt Carole passed away and we were cleaning out her room, I knew the story behind many of her precious possessions. I think my Mom and Sister were surprised that I retained all the information. Looking back at the time I spent with my Aunt Carole, I now realize it was a blessing for her to share those stories of her favorite things with me. Through me her legacy will be carried on my daughter...who I am afraid has inherited my sentimental side. Since the passing of my Aunt Carole, I've wanted to start a "My Favorite Things" scrapbook so Allison has the stories of the things that are precious to me in the event something ever would to happen. I know "things" are not important in life and you should definitely know that I already know that by reading my blog. The moments with Allison are my most precious things in my life. However, when I'm gone Allison will have everything of mine and I'm sure she would like to know the stories to them. So. I am so behind in my scrapbooks that I'll probably not be able to start the favorite things one for a long time. This is a perfect alternative for now. You can click here and it will take you to Kelli's blog. There you will see other bloggers that have linked their show and tells too.
I've always admired my Mom's Mother's Ring. I consider it a sort of badge of honor. I always knew that I wanted one when I grew up and had my kids. do you have a Mother's Ring when you have only one child. Would it be a solitaire? If so, what would designate it at a Mother's Ring?
After much thought on this I decided I wanted a family ring. One that would show what I am most proud of...our little family.
I dropped my hints to Curtis for a birthday or holiday idea. I wasn't specific on what I wanted. Just that I wanted it to have all of our birthstones. I left the setting up to him. He has done very well on picking out jewelry over the years so I didn't worry.
On Christmas Eve when we opened up our presents, I opened up the most special and perfect family ring ever. More than anyone would ever know.
Here it is. It has Allison's ruby birthstone bigger in the middle and mine and Curtis's birthstones smaller on either side. It's exactly what I wanted. I wanted Allison's in the middle bigger but I left everything up to him.
It's perfect!

Here's where it gets sentimental and interesting. When I was turning eighteen my parents were getting me a ring for my birthday. My older sister had chosen with my Mom's helps a beautiful ruby accented by diamonds. It was her birthstone. (Allison's too) It was gorgeous. However, when it was my turn, I didn't want my birthstone. I wanted a "Daughter's Ring." I wanted a ring that had my birthstone with my Mom's and my Dad's in it too. She took me to the jewelry store and I picked one out of the big book with all the available settings. The man at the jewelry store suggested man made gems because my birthstone was blue topaz and he said that it wouldn't be very colorful. My Mom agreed with me and we went with real gemstones. I couldn't wait until it came in. As far as I was concerned, it was perfect. Color and all.

Here it is. Notice anything?

YES! Curtis picked out the EXACT same setting as I did 25 years previously. How cool is that?!? He had never seen this ring as I stopped wearing it years before I met him when I acquired new jewelry. Can you believe it? It's crazy! My family ring couldn't be more perfect for me. It not only is my badge of honor but also a reminder at how well of a match Curtis and I are together. I'm hoping one day Allison will wear this ring and it will be her daughter's ring. Now she'll have the whole story.

Have Fun!

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Chez Nous said...

Your rings are beautiful. Your story makes this a very special Show 'n Tell entry.

Hootin' Anni said...

Hmmmmmm, as for Curtis? I'd keep him around if I were you. And the rings are super.

My show n tell is all about baskets this week. I do hope you can find time to stop by! Happy weekend to you.

Kellie said...

beautiful rings and the story behind them make them that much prettier.

Sandra said...

Those are beautiful rings and as for Curtis (which is my husband's name too btw lol) that is just so sweet. You're definitely meant to be.

Kelli said...

What a wonderful story and you have a very sweet husband! Both rings are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Your rings are really lovely and that is cool about Curtis chosing the same ring style. Perhaps he remembered you wearing the first one? I only have one child too and I have a solitaire
pink stone (October) to wear, but I like the idea of combining his dad's and mine with his.

ceekay said...

My kind of story. How sweet to have such a connection!

Carla said...

Just perfect! Guess your hubby knows you well! Both rings are so pretty! Congratulations!

GrumpyAngel said...

I love both your rings. I even love the story you shared more. Thanks for sharing.

Barbara H. said...

What a sweet story! I love it. Both rings are beautiful. I had heard of mother's rings, but not daughter's. It's a lovely idea.

Kathy said...

Your rings are beautiful. I did notice the same setting and boxes. What a great gift - I love family rings!


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