Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Baby is a 2nd Grader!

Look at the smile on this face! She was so excited to start second grade. (Sorry for the shadows on the pictures but the morning sun was too bright for her sensitive eyes. So I had a choice to have shadows or pics with her wearing sunglasses. Obviously I wanted to see her pretty face!) I suppose I should have taken a picture of her when she got home. She was on cloud nine! She loves school and loves her teacher. Boy isn't this a change from the beginning of last year?

Withdrawing her from that school last year was the best thing we could have done for her. My one regret is that I didn't do it the first week. I'm sorry she stayed there for 8 weeks. Thankfully, she has bounced back and loves school and learning now. We owe a lot of it to her first grade teacher. She worked with her, gained her trust and turned Allison around. We will remember her forever. I've had a couple of people ask why I never finished the story on my blog of what happened at the beginning of first grade. To be honest, it got too painful. When I started the story we were living the nightmare. Then we moved on and was rebuilding the damage that was done by that teacher. I just couldn't bring myself to keep writing about it. It became stressful for me so I decided to stop in mid-story. I'm sorry but I had to do what was best for my family. I had to stop thinking about it, stop putting energy to it and help Allison move past it. Thanks for understanding.

Let's move on to this year. When Allison found out who her teacher was, her reply was "That's the one I wanted!" I had heard from another Mother that she was a lot of fun. This was a good sign for me. Allison works better with fun. She needs warm and fuzzy...not a my way or the highway kind of teacher. She came home yesterday very excited about school and her teacher. She said that she let us throw paper balls at each other. I said "What?" She said the kind of balls made when you scrunch up a piece of paper. She then said that they got to throw them like basketballs into the waste paper basket. She split them up into teams and then they had Popsicles. Hmm. After hearing all of this, I am thinking that I want to go back to 2nd grade! Then I got to thinking.....what a SMART teacher. She got every single one of those students on her side the very first day of school. I know Allison "loves" her and thinks she is so "cool" and "fun."

She also had to go potty as soon as she got home. She said she didn't go at all and almost wet her panties twice. What? Why didn't she go??? Well. She didn't want to miss anything. She said the teacher was teaching us important stuff that I didn't want to interupt to ask her if I could go.

Here's one last picture of her with her backpack and her first day of school outfit. She said that when she out grows it, she wants to take it to Grandmas and "adjust" it so she can wear it forever. LOL! That's my crazy kid!

One last thing. When I was making sure her seat belt was tight in the van on our way to school, she looked at me and said "I can't believe I'm a second grader." Me either baby, me either.

I think this year is going to be great!

Thank goodness!

Have Fun!

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Sandy said...

How wonderful to hear of Allison's great first day of school, you have to feel proud of the good job parenting you and Curtis are doing, keep up the good work!!!!!! She looks so cute and such a young lady.


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