Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our Zoo Pics!

As promised, here are our pictures of our trip to the zoo!
It was a beautiful Sunday so the zoo was crowded. I don't do well with crowded! It was really hard to take pictures with so many people around. They rushed us through seeing the new babies so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked. Also, some of my pictures are blurry. Sorry! I hope you enjoy them anyway.
I surprised Allison by seeing if her best friend was available to go with us. Thankfully she was and they had a blast together. Here they are ready to go with the tickets in hand. Yes, the beautiful tickets they didn't let me keep!
First thing they wanted to do was ride the merry-go-round.
This tiger didn't seem to mind all the people at the zoo. He was content just laying in the sun.
It was their idea to sit on the rock for a picture. You would think they would of at least smiled!
We saw pink flamingos...
and dwarf crocodiles.
There are these green boxes by all of the animals and you can put your key in to listen about the animals.
Here's the king sunning himself as well!
The Pittsburgh Zoo has 3 new babies. One tiger cub and two baby elephants.
Here is the adorable baby tiger. She was born on Mother's Day. I could have just swooped her up and ran. I would have loved to have taken her home. So adorable! You can read more about her here.

We also saw zebras...

and giraffes...

while waited to see the new baby elephants. You can read about them here and here. It was so strange seeing them. It was as if they weren't real. I guess since they are so small and it's rare to see a baby, your mind has trouble believing least mind did. Anyway, they stay close to their Mother's and when they walk they almost walk underneath them.

What are you thinking when you read this sign?

My thought was that Jackson was a busy boy!

I don't know which is which but here is one...

and here is the second one!

Aren't they cute?

Run Girls! There's a bear behind you!

Who you looking at?!?!

This was really cool! It's a balloon of a lionfish on top of the aquarium.

It's hard to get a picture through the plexi-glass but I tried my best. See the two in the middle of the picture? Now look at the right one of the two. That poor thing must have a nervous habit because he/she was picking all of it's feathers off! Ouch!

I LOVE the jellyfish!

This blurry thing is a hammerhead shark. They have a really cool shark tank. We sat there a while and just watched them all.

A big fish at the bottom of the shark tank. Truth be told here is that I took this picture because it was the only thing in the shark tank that wasn't moving!

Yippee!!! We are about to see the polar bears!

I have to say here that the polar bears were my absolute favorite. I believe this is the newest exhibit to the zoo. It opened November 2006. I could have sat there all day watching them! They were playing in the water so the best place to watch them from is the tunnel underneath. This where I took the pictures. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get really good shots but I still like them just the same. You can read more about them here.

It figures as soon as I was to snap this picture, the meerkat moved!

The girls had fun sliding down the two story tree!

Yes! That's a snake behind them! Don't worry there's plexi-glass between them and it!

Best buds!

Love the look on her face here! We were trying to get a picture of the catfish with her but it wouldn't' cooperate!

A little log ride!

I guess the tiger and lion weren't the only ones sunning themselves!

Hey girls! Wave at me! I guess I should have told them to look too!

I love the sea otters too...except it's almost impossible to get a picture of them. They swim way too fast!

We were on our way out of the zoo and this was too cute. I wonder what they were talking about?

One last stop before the exit!

They love their dippin' dots! They both got chocolate chip cookie dough. Hey! Did you know that it's good luck if you get a colored one in with it? I didn't either but it is in their world!

Thanks for sticking with me for all of these pics!

Be sure to come back, I think I'll share a recipe next!

Have Fun!

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Sandy said...

cindi....I have been wanting to go to the zoo the pics will do for now, I clicked on each pic to enlarge. Enjoyed all of them. The girls looked like they had a good time.

Anonymous said...

I could just scoop up that baby tiger, also. He is just adorable!!!



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