Monday, August 04, 2008

Mommy & Daddy Time!

Curtis and I don't get much time alone to do things by ourselves. I'm not complaining. We just enjoy experiencing things with Allison so much that times we have alone together are few. I don't think that I've ever mentioned it here before but Curtis LOVES drag racing. I can't complain since he's not into football, baseball or any other sport that could consume our life. He just likes fast cars. Fast cars that go in a straight line that is. Oh and by the way, if any of you are thinking he likes fast women too, shame on you! You obviously don't know me very well! Okay, nothing against NASCAR but it's just not his thing. He actually calls them round and rounds...they go round and round looking for the finish line. Funny, huh? He's even got Allison reciting that line! Anyway, every year we make the trip to Norwalk, Ohio to visit Summit Motorsports Park for the Night Under Fire event. He actually goes to many more events over the Summer but this is the one I accompany him on. Saturday was that night. This year his brother, Bill and his girlfriend, Holly went with us. It was a fun night. I probably should have put lipstick on before I took this pic but oh well. Here we are at the race. One of the highlights for me it to see the Funny Cars race. Here are two being checked one last time before they head on down the track. These two are rather interesting. They are John and Ashley Force. A father/daughter team. She's on the left in the picture. They both race for John Force Racing and you can read more about them here. John is 57 and has been racing forever. She's 24 has actually already set some records. On April 24th of this year, she was the first female driver to win a national Funny Car event. She drove her Castrol GTX Ford Mustang 320.36 miles per hour in 4.827 seconds to beat out all the men...including her Dad. Now THAT'S one fast woman!

A & E TV also has reality show about them called Driving Forces. You can click on the link if you are interested. It's about their family. It's really quite interesting. There are two other daughters that race too.
Here's the Daddy/Daughter team.
Here they are waiting for the signal to tell them to go.
I know this is blurry but you try to capture a clear picture when they take off like a kid when they see the ice cream truck. It's not easy. Can you see the fire from their cars? It really is a sight in person.
One of the attractions they had at the race was a Jet powered truck. Yes, I said in jet airplane. Take a look at the car. It's a modified Cutlass. Look at the bubble top. They had to make the profile low so it would fit in the trailer with the truck.
Here's the "Shockwave" firing up his 2 jet engines...
OH MY! Notice the ambulance? There's also a fire truck there too. It's hidden in all of the smoke. These pictures were taken on zoom and then enlarged with my picture program. We are actually quite a piece away from this truck but you could feel the heat from the fire.
At the starting line...
And he's off at over 200 mph. Amazing, isn't it?
Even though Allison doesn't get to got with us, we always bring her something home. It's usually a TY beanie that we pick up at the rest stop on the way there. This year she got a Webkinz and this t-shirt. She LOVES her racing shirts! This one is a small and it'll be a nightshirt for a while until she grows into it.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It's not the normal post from me. But I really do enjoy this yearly event with my sweetie and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Stay tuned this week. Allison is going up to my sister's for 5 days so I hope to post some things I've been saving. That give-a-way I mentioned last week should happen this week. It will go hand in hand with something I'm participating in. It's in conjunction with one of my favorite blogs. As soon as she posts her entry, I'll be able to do mine. Don't miss it!

Have Fun!
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Benita said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Great pictures, including the one of you :) And I had to laugh at what your dh calls Nascar ;) Take him to a Nascar race sometime & he'll change his mind, lol.

I left you something on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

That's a great pic of you and Curtis!! Ashley Force actually spoke at our BC convention last year at this time. I think she is so beautiful!! It's hard to believe she can drive that fast!

Make sure to check out Steph's blog, finally!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I live fairly close to the the PIR racetrack. I just noticed in the paper that Mr. Petty gives driving lessons 4 times a year there. The fee is pretty steep thought. :)


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