Thursday, August 14, 2008

An Overnight Visitor and Last Day to Enter the Give-A-Way!

On Monday my Dad came down sick. By Tuesday, he was very sick and their family doctor instructed my Mom to take him to the emergency room. Good thing they did because he actually has pneumonia. I guess the hospital is seeing a lot of that this year. They sent him home which is probably a better place for him to be. Anyway, I was scheduled to pick Allison up from them after work but when I got the call, I left work immediately. My sister's dog was also there. She had left her there wen she dropped Allison off on Sunday. She has a work function this Saturday that was going to last most of the day so she needed the Grandparents to babysit the dog. Since Dad came down sick and wasn't able to walk the dog or take her out to do her business and Mom is physically unable, I foolishly volunteered to take her home for the night. I told my sister that I probably would regret it but I'll do it if she can pick her up Wednesday night after work. I probably should mention here that my sister lives about 1 1/2 hours away from us. Okay, moving on here. I loaded up my child, her take from the 5 day visit at my sister's ....which apparently included the dog and we were on our way! The dog was an angel in the car. She's used to car rides since she goes to doggy daycare every day. I didn't stress about her and our two cats. I figured we would just work it out. My prayer at this point was that she didn't lose her dinner in my car on the back country roads between my parents house and ours! Thankfully she didn't!
When we got home, she was fine. She pranced around and sniffed everything, of course. Simba could care less that she was here. He just walked past her and went about his business. Princess wouldn't take her eyes off of her. She sat at a distance and just stared with big eyes. No hissing...which she tends to do to Allison if Allison doesn't leave her alone. Ginger approached both of them at times. There was no confrontation at all between any of them.
Both cats explored the crate/cage or whatever you call it. They weren't afraid at all! It was peaceful! Allison shut both cats in the cage and they loved it as you can see. Weird, huh?

All in all, I would doggy-sit again. Ginger was really a well behaved dog. She listened and besides the clinging to me thing, we enjoyed having her.

What? Did you say why not get a dog? No thank you! It not that I don't want one. I would love for Allison to have a dog. I promise. She will at some point of her childhood but we live in a townhouse right now. They have rules. Dogs are not allowed to be off the leash and not on leads outside at any time. That's not fair to the dog to be in the house all day. They need to run freely and play catch and stuff with their owners outside. That's not possible here.

These next couple of pictures here are what happens when you put food out for your cats after not having the bowls down all day (because the dog would eat it). They actually enjoyed a meal together. They don't normally do that so of course I had to take pictures.

Simba's tail is always in the air. Princess's is not. Hey Princess! Too much fur to hold it up? Yuk! I'm not a furry cat kind of person!

This one is especially funny to me! Look how much wider Princess is than Simba! Some of it is because she is laying down while eating and some of it is fur but she is heavier and wider than my precious little boy!
To sum up our visitor's stay, it wasn't bad. I would almost get a dog IF...there was no late night or early morning walks, no barking, no fur, no picking up her poo-poo outside (I told you the homeowners association has rules) and NO HOGGING OF THE BED! She takes up too much room! I was off the bed most of the night!

Nope. No dog for us. We'll take our precious little cats any day!

Oooh! By the way, today is the last day for the Give-A-Way! It's a couple of posts down. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on that post. I'll be drawing a name late tonight so be sure to check back to see if you won! Good Luck and Thanks for reading!

Have Fun!

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