Thursday, January 01, 2009

Out with a Bang!

I'm off to work in a few minutes but I wanted to stop by to report that we sent 2008 out with a bang!

We had our traditional New Year's Eve feast. Curtis and I crashed on the couch and the recliner and Miss Allison stayed up and watched the movie "Elf." If you are wondering if she made it to midnight, my answer is YES! That wasn't my plan for her but Curtis and I fell asleep and I woke up about 11:30 p.m. and figured that I might as well let her stay up for the last half hour. We watched the ball drop in New York City and then off to bed she went! She is such a trooper. I wonder what time she will awake today???

I posted my favorite appetizer on my food blog this morning so be sure to stop by over there when you are done with this entry. The link is over there. -------->

Here is Allison with our "picnic on the coffee table" spread. She sets up the whole thing. This year she even did a table centerpiece....she is SO my daughter! We usually have the same thing but this year I added a couple new items. We had pepperoni and cheese with crackers (I just buy a mini Gibson tray from the grocery store), shrimp cocktail, veggies with ranch dip, chicken spread with crackers (recipe on my food blog), potato chips and dip (Allison's favorite), potato skins (Curtis's favorite), jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks (which I left in the oven about a minute too long and the cheese started to come out!) and Shirley Temples.

Here is a close-up of Allison's centerpiece. It's a mini tree decorated with a silver pipe cleaner star, mini candy canes and "snowballs." She made me take this picture...."so you can post it on your blog, Mom." Again....she is SO my daughter!
I hope you all had as much fun and togetherness bringing in the New Year as we did. I'll be back tomorrow with a look into my goals for the New Year!

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Jill Scott said...

I love Allison's tree. It's so cute. That's quite a spread you put on for your little evening in. What a great tradition.

Benita said...

Happy New Year to you & your family. Allison is so cute! She looks so comfy in her new robe :)

gina said...

Happy New Year. We sent out 08 with champagne and shrimp cocktail too. I got Trisha Yearwoods receipe book this year stop by and check it out purdywallcovering. thanks


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