Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where DOES She Come Up with This Stuff?

Allison has a fascination with Bigfoot right now. I don't know where it started but she wants/needs to know more. She actually wants to catch one. She searches through her dictionaries, reference books and where ever she can find her answers. I just let her go on her search for knowledge.

About 10 minutes ago she asked if she could go on google. I said "yes."

She came back to Curtis and I saying that Bigfoot is most active in Winter.

We just looked at each other and asked her how she knew that.

She said, "I googled it." "I asked what time of year are Bigfoot most active and it said at night and since Winter has the longest nights, they are most active in Winter." (by the way, google didn't say Winter had the longest nights...she knew that and came to this conclusion on her own)

Curtis and I again looked at each other with confusion of how she knows stuff like this at 7 years of age!!

We then asked her how she spelled "active" and her reply was "a-c-t-i-v-e" ...that's pretty good when it hasn't been a spelling word and it could have come out a-k-t-i-v."

I went over to the computer and sure enough this is what she typed in..."what time of year are bigfoot most active?"

Wow! There are some days we just scratch our heads in wonder?

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Jill Scott said...

Kids are amazing!


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