Thursday, January 22, 2009

Target Dollar Spot Goodies!

I dropped Allison off at school this morning and had a half an hour to kill before the bank opened. I needed 4 things so I stopped at Target because you all know I'm not a fan that other store. Well let me tell you! I had not been there in a few weeks. I know. I know. That is hard to believe because if you didn't know this before about me, you will know this now....I could live in Target! I'm not kidding. I LOVE that place!
Anyway. Their "Dollar Spot" was stocked to the ceiling! Okay. Maybe not the ceiling but it was overflowing with all sorts of fun and cute things.
Now let me explain something to you about their dollar spot. It is not a good place to visit if you want to keep your money in your wallet. It sucks you in and makes you spend way more than you intended to when you walked in the place...especially when it's newly stocked.
To be honest with all of you, I think they should rename the "Dollar Spot" to "Target Crack." I'm serious! It's like a drug. It draws you in by making you feel good with all it's fun, pretty and cheap items. It makes you spend your money that probably needed to go to the electric company. That doesn't matter though, because you know the next time you visit Target, you will be drawn to that corner of the store. You will find yourself scouring the isles to find what your next fix will be!
See. Now do you believe me that it should be called "Target Crack?"
Okay. Moving right along...I usually allow myself to buy a maximum of $3 of Target crack but today was different. Oh. I forgot to mention that not all things are $1 in their "Dollar Spot." I know the name is a little misleading but some of the items are $2.50.
Anyway. Here's my score! I don't know if it's the pink, red or hearts but today's loot makes me very happy! I did go over my allowance of $3 and spent $10 but a girl has to break the rules every once in a while, doesn't she?
I picked up a roll of Valentine's Day paper, a Valentine's Day gift bag, a 4 x 6 frame, a pink metal mailbox and a pair of Valentine's Day socks for Allison. These items were all a $1.00. I also bought for $2.50 each . . . a two pack of kitchen towels and pink heart ice cube trays.
Here's a close-up of the mini pinkmail box. It is adorable! I have been collecting stuff to redo Allison's room for quite some time. I plan on embellishing this up a little bit and putting it on a shelf in her room so I can leave her little notes now and again.
Have Fun!
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Kelly Edgerton said...

I am laughing out loud about the Target Crack. I will have to share that term with my daughter - she LOVES the Dollar Spot! When we were there last week, we saw a lot of the things that you ended up buying - so, so cute! I love the mailbox and was tempted to get one, but held off since my kids are almost grown (and one is already gone).

Jill Scott said...

I BOUGHT THOSE MAILBOXES TOO! Oops, sorry for shouting. I just get so worked up when I'm hopped up on that Target crack. I'm going to pretty mine up too and give them to the girlies on Valentine's Day. The Target Dollar Spot is a big time suck too, but I love it.

Jen r. said...

LOve the target dollar spot! Thanks for leaving a comment! I have you added on my blogroll!

Kim said...

I love the Target Dollar Spot. I wish this would have been around when my kids were little. Sure would have saved me some $. I made one of those mailboxes last year for Mark's teacher and "altered" it and put in a gift card for Valentines Day. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

Love those mailboxes. They are adorable!!!



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